why north rim

When your dreams are bigger than life, your gym should be, too. North Rim CrossFit is the biggest CrossFit facility in Chico at a spacious 7,500 square feet. And we have more of everything than other gyms: more classes at more times of day (starting at 4:45 a.m.), more Rogue equipment, more specialty classes, and more teams that compete in CrossFit competitions. Our free childcare 6 days a week means we’ve turned more parents into athletes than anyone else in town.


We are more than just a gym. instead we are a community of athletes who encourage others and work to better themselves. we take pride in the community we've built, where we work out on the weekdays and hang out on the weekends. We care more about the relationships we grow.

Our Facility

We have a 7,500 sq ft. facility, offer day care, Olympic lifting classes, competition training, and open gym times.