Cormac Fleming

Cormac Fleming

Head Coach / Nutrition


E-4 (Corporal) in the United States Marine Corps

WAG Certified Nutrition Coach

2.5 years CrossFit Experience

About Coach

Throughout my life, I have always been a competitor. I was very involved in sports such as football, wrestling, and baseball earning multiple MVP awards in wrestling and football. I constantly strive to be the best in whatever I set my mind to. The gym was one of those places where I wasn’t one of the best for a long time and could never remain consistent until I walked into a NorthRim class with my brother one day and it changed everything.

Turning Point

After high school, I fell into a lull of complacency. I was ditching class during college and my motivation to “be the best” had disappeared. For years my enemy was the state of being unsure and unmotivated. In 2017 I enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserves. This was truly the beginning of my life’s many “turning points” The Marine Corps provided me with an undeniable quality of discipline and brought back the motivation and “team” in my life. This piggy backed onto the turning point of finding a lifelong team at NorthRim, where the feeling of “unsure” disappears because you and everyone around you strive for excellence. North Rim is also the home of finding Kristin who turned my life around with her Nutrition coaching and inspired me to become a coach myself.

Motivation & Passion

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