Leeza Coolidge

Leeza Coolidge


Mile Time 5:55

Half Marathon: 1:42

Max Handstand Hold: 3:20

Deadlift: 235lbs


ACE Certified Personal Trainer

10+ Years Competitive Gymnastics/Gymnastics Coaching

7+ Years Strength Training

About Coach

I’ve had a passion for fitness since my early days in competitive gymnastics. Through my gymnastics career I found a passion for strength and conditioning and began to learn all I could all while training 30+ hours a week. I’ve been in the gym since I was 12 years old, learning everything I can about the mechanics and science of training. I’ve been doing CrossFit for almost 3 years, and after graduating from UCLA with my Bachelor’s in the Spring of 2023, I knew being at North Rim is where I wanted to continue my passion for the sport.

Turning Point

After struggling with an eating disorder for 4 years throughout my gymnastics career, I knew I wanted to take my life back and find my strength. I worked with an online fitness coach for 3 years who taught me how to take charge, train hard, eat well, and allow myself time to recover. Throughout this process I found my passion for CrossFit, and the power that coaching has to impact someone’s life. I hope to bring the same impactful change to everyone at North Rim.

Motivation & Passion

As a psychology major, I am fascinated by the mind. My goal with coaching is to teach each and every client the power of their mind, and how they can use fitness to not only better themselves physically, but also mentally and emotionally. Specifically, with the amazing community that North Rim provides!

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