Rob Adams

Rob Adams


Split Jerk #365

Clean #365

Snatch #280

Back Squat #455

1:35 Grace

Qualified in the Elite division twice in the Norcal Classic


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

7 Years of CrossFit Experience

2+ Years Coaching Experience

About Coach

I started CrossFit as a morbidly obese homeschooled kid with a terrible speech impediment. I joined in hopes of being a better person. I’ve never played a sport my entire life I was the most out of shape person out of a gym where I was the youngest member by at least a decade I was the most out of shape.

Turning Point

The turning point of my life in this sport was the moment my first coach told me that I was capable of doing great things. My entire life no one had ever believed I could do anything. Throughout my CrossFit career every coach that I’ve had has always been the biggest and most positive influence in my life physically and mentally. I have been extremely fortunate to have them with me through every challenge and success. I struggled with socializing and believing in myself and all I ever needed was someone to believe in me. They are the reason why I always wanted to be a coach. So one day I could give a struggling kid a chance to believe in himself like they did for me.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to improve other people’s lives whether it’s the way they look at themselves in the mirror physically or live comfortably with themselves around others.

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