Friday January 1st

A. Squat clean gauntlet (5 burpees + 1 squat clean on the min
beginning at 275# and adding 10# per min until failure)
For time:
50 alt'ing pistols
15 rope climbs
50 wall balls to 12'
30 bar muscle ups

4 sets:
10 calories assault bike
10 deadlift 315#
10 calories assault bike
10 hang power clean 225#
10 calories assault bike
rest 4 min bw sets
3:18, 4:13, 3:59, 3:29

For time:
50 strict hspu
25 burpee box jumps 24"
50 kipping hspu
25 burpee box jumps 24"
50 ring dips
25 burpee box jumps 24"

Not sure what happened with the squat clean today. I was expecting to hit #325-335 but my pull felt slow. Maybe some CNS fatigue from the heavy 5x5 a few days back.

Other than that everything was great. Breathing was good. I had a ton of energy. Really felt like I was "attacking" the workouts. With the same kind of intensity I hope to bring to Miami. 

Shoulders and triceps didn't seem as fresh on the hspu workout but I completed each set of the burpee  box jumps in 2-230.