Saturday January 2nd

A. Heavy DB squat snatch tech work 15-20 min
Row 500m for time
rest 12 min

For Time:
100 burpees

A. L-sit hold; amsap x4; rest 2 min
B. GHD sit ups; 50 for time x2; rest 4 min
C. Side plank; 20 seconds x4/side; rest 40 sec bw sides
D. Single arm farmers walk; 20 seconds x5/side; rest 40 sec bw sides
E. Freestanding hs pu tech work 15-20 min

A. 30, 15, 15, 15 sec
B. Did 3 sets of 30 instead
C. Done
D. Done
E. Done

So the deal for the fundraiser was if we raised $1000 then all of us would have to do Fran, Isabel, and 100 burpees for time. Turns out at the last second we got enough money to make sure we had to do them all. 

My goal was to do all three faster than any team had done it in our class at 10 am. 
Fran was 2:32
Isabel was 4:03
Burpees 5:27
For a total time of 12:05

I'm not going to lie I was pretty spent after that. So I just did the pm and called it a day. I will try to get in the rows tomorrow.