Sunday January 3rd

A. Split jerk; build to a max
For time:
30 StO 225# (from floor)
30 Muscle ups

A. #330
Wod: 7:35

For time:
300 double unders
10 OHS 225#


mobility work 90-120 min

First time doing split jerks since hurting my toe. Wasn't super comfortable but doing them won't make my toe any worse. 
Wasn't too happy with #330 at first. Hit 315 then failed 325, 330, 345. Then went back down to #330 and hit it easily. The reason I kept going up in weight is I felt like the only reason I was missing the lift was because of minor footwork issues (whole toe thing and all). 

Did the S2O in 3:30. Muscle ups in 4:00.

First time doing double unders as well. Did 141, 150, 20 (extra just in case). 
Unfortunately failed my first OHS attempt. Then did 7-3. 
It's not the weight. Probably a matter of exposure. It's like my hang cleans last year.