Tuesday January 5th

Swim 300y for time


A. Pistols; 50 AFAP alt'ing
Assault bike sprint 20 seconds @100%
assault bike 3 min easy
Easy run volume (accumulate what you can at what pace you feel
comfortable doing so on the toe)

That is the fastest 300 swim I've done. Feeling pretty confident about it.

Did the AD. Didn't really record anything. Just kept first 4 rounds above 100 rpms and the last 4 above 90. I still hate sprinting on that thing.

My plan was to warm up my legs with the AD first then do the pistols but that was a bad choice. Couldn't even air squat after.

Raining all day pretty hard so I skipped the run. Toe can probably handle it just don't want to get a cold.