Salomon Navarro

Salomon Navarro


Deadlift: 495

Squat: 440

Bench Press: 335

Clean: 335


CrossFit Level 1 Certified

14 years of football experience

3 years of collegiate athletics experience

Countless hours being trained by and training with previous and current NFL players.

About Coach

I have been active and involved in sports since the age of 8. I have played almost every sport, from the realm of pop warner football, T-Ball and youth basketball, to the big stages of collegiate athletics. After being a part of a state championship football team in high school, I attended Butte Community College and was part of the team there for 3 seasons. Having attained a league title and a bowl game in my time at Butte, I had opportunities for playing at the next level, Division 1 football. Unfortunately, in our last game of the 2019 regular season I tore my ACL and meniscus. This injury made it difficult to get an athletic scholarship. Thankfully, after a long delay and 9 months of knee rehab, I gained the opportunities I was waiting for. However, due to Covid-19 and several other uncontrollable factors, I wasn't able to finish out my time at the university level. With collegiate sports behind me I was looking for some kind of athletic outlet to give myself, the competitive fix and team environment I was missing from football. That's when I found North Rim and crossfit as a sport. I have loved every second of my time at NR and can't imagine life without the community here. I have been a part of the gym here for two years and counting.

Turning Point

My turning point was after tearing my ACL and receiving reconstruction surgery in 2019. Going through the long grueling 9+ months of rehab really showed me what hard work and grit looks like. During that time I grew in many ways, character, learning from failure and perseverance. Then, when I found North Rim, it really put a community and support system behind all the hard work that I was doing. It put people by my side to push me when I was going through the hardest times of my life. The gym showed me that when you overcome hard things, like a terrible injury, an unwanted life situation or even a hard workout, it is always worth it to persevere and overcome. When you overcome hard things, it is 100% worth it every single time. You will never regret doing hard things and overcoming them. It’s a part of life and it is becoming part of my character.

Motivation & Passion

My passion in life is loving people. Making other individuals feel a sense of worth and dignity motivates me every single day to be the best possible coach that I can be. Being a coach here at North Rim Crossfit gives me that platform and opportunity daily. Self improvement in the fitness realm is such a practical avenue to help people achieve their goals and overcome those obstacles no matter what they are. I love seeing it click for people and that sense of achievement they get after they finish something they set out to do. Helping others wherever they are in their journey, wether it’s a competitive athlete, or just someone who simply wants to get back into the fitness world. I am here to partner with them in the pursuit of their goals.

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