Stephanie Friesen

Stephanie Friesen


Deadlift 300lbs

Weighted Mile 8:30

35lb Strict Pull Up


I am a collegiate water polo state champion, have been apart of CrossFit for three years and am running a half marathon trail run

About Coach

I have always been apart of sports and fitness my whole life. I grew up playing soccer, water polo and swimming. After my states title for water polo, CrossFit was something I was always interested in. After creating a better lifestyle and loosing 30 lbs I decided to give it a try. I learned that NorthRim CrossFit is not only a fitness avenue but a community I will always be apart of.

Turning Point

At first I wanted to coach because of my love for CrossFit in general and I thought it was something I wanted to broaden my knowledge in. And those are both still true however I know that now I coach because I want to teach people that creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t as hard/scary as they think. I just know if I can do it anyone can.

Motivation & Passion

I am motivated to coach because when I work hard at something that I’m working on I know it could help someone else. When a cue for a movement works for me and I suggest it to someone else and it clicks, it’s the best feeling.

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