A Story of Overcoming

North Rim CrossFit
November 15, 2023

For whoever needs to hear it, injuries are not the end! Check out a personal story of owner/coach Ryan's journey back after a tricep injury:

"I was lucky enough to get through most of my competitive career in CrossFit without sustaining any serious injuries. I did have one knee surgery but it was a quick diagnosis and once it healed it never gave me any trouble again.

Fast forward to the recent future, I retired from competitive CrossFit and the injuries started rolling in. Doctors at a local clinic in town knew me by first name basis toward the end of 2022.

Then in March 2022 I tore my Tricep Tendon and a forearm muscle completely off the bone. I was devastated to say the least. I felt like I couldn't take another injury. Another season of modifying workouts. Another season of doctor visits and Physical Therapy.

I just felt like I couldn't bear the disappointment any longer. But the only thought that kept me going was " it's time to practice what you preach to all your clients." Truly, I didn't want this opportunity.

I wish I could say that once I adopted this attitude it got easy. It didn't. However, the part that stands out the most to me now is that I did not just survive but I thrived. Looking back now it wasn't that bad. I mean it was a few months out of my life.

But the insight it taught me... that injuries are not the end. Nor do they even get in the way of fitness or life goals. Has been a better life lesson that I would not have known if I had not gone through all of those challenging times."

Take it from us, injuries can be disappointing. But it doesn't mean you can't continue in your health and fitness goals. It may require a helping hand to modify workouts based on your needs, but we are here to help with that!

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