Welcome to the Intramural Open!

North Rim CrossFit
February 8, 2024

Welcome to the intramural Open!

Where we take the CrossFit Open and add a little North Rim pizazz to it. Each week of the Open, we’ll be offering prizes big and small to winners for the workout. Don’t worry, we’re not just letting the top dogs take the prizes home every week, we’ll be implementing what’s called a “flight system” to our North Rim leaderboard. Think of the flight system like grouping players into teams based on their skill levels. This way, beginners play against other beginners, and more experienced players compete against each other. It keeps the matches fair and fun for everyone involved.

Everyone wanting to participate must sign up for the Open and add North Rim CrossFit as their affiliate. You’ll then be added to our “roster” which allows your scores to be ranked on our very own leaderboard. Once scores are submitted each week, everyone will be compiled onto said leaderboard. Depending on the total number of people, we will divide the leaderboard into groupings (i.e. placings 1-9 will be a grouping, 10-19 will be another and so on). That way we can celebrate the leader of each grouping!

Some of the prizes up for grabs will be among the following:

If your down for the challenge of the Open and want to duke it out for some prizes, head to games.crossfit.com and sign up for the open! We're excited and hope you are too!!!

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