Bright Spot: Kat Cheatum

North Rim CrossFit
December 22, 2023

Wrapping up this week with a special bright spot, North Rim! 💡

We've been impressed by this girl from the moment she stepped into our gym. Ever since, we've seen an unfolding of character, strength, determination and friendship from her that is beyond respectable. Kat Cheatum, we are your biggest fans!!!

Kat shared a bit of her story with us, read below!

"I've been at North Rim since the end of September 2022, so about 15 months! My life has been impacted so much by being at North Rim. When I first started I was coming back into fitness after my second knee injury, the community and coaches believed in me when I couldn't see it yet. I have gone from learning how to jump again (thank you 2 knee surgeries), to running, jumping, and completing skills l've never thought I could do. All while still building strength, which is soo cool.

The friends and community I have made at North Rim have been more than I ever thought l'd find. A crazy stupid amount of support, friends who will always listen, who will cry tears of happiness when you succeed, but will also pick you back up and give you a hug when you fall. With moving to Chico I was looking for a place that I could find a community in. I found more than community at North Rim, I've found my family.

There are so many new skills I've gained and heavy weights that l've lifted. However, I am most proud of trying hard things that are out of my comfort zone.
My next goal is to qualify for NCC in the RX division.

Fun fact about me, l've gotten to compete in Olympic weight lifting, strongman, and CrossFit."

Kat, we are grateful for your kind words... but we are even more grateful that you found a home at North Rim ❤️

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