How Much Should You Bench, Squat, and Deadlift?

North Rim CrossFit
June 26, 2023

According to T Nation, the standard strength chart below gives us a good visual of what we can expect our Bench, Squat and Deadlift numbers to look like according to our bodyweight.

If you’re looking at this chart and thinking WhAt iN thE WorLd!? Don't fret! At the end of the day, these numbers are arbitrary. You have to take into consideration that every single person is SO DIFFERENT. We are made up of differing genetics, limb lengths, hormones, muscles, and age!

We may be incredibly gifted in one area, and not so gifted in another. We celebrate an individual squatting a 22# barbell for the first time ever, just as much as we would celebrate an ex-football player squatting 405# for the first time since being in season.

You’ve heard it before, comparison is a trap. If you are improving and progressing in your lifts, then you are doing GREAT!! As the gentlemen from Mind Pump Podcast would say, “if you want to compare, make it a fair comparison - YOU VS. YOU YESTERDAY.”

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