Bright Spot: Carolyn Pendergrass

North Rim CrossFit
December 30, 2023

What better way to take on the New Year than a little Bright Spot inspiration from one of our dearest members: Carolyn Pendergrass!

"I started at NRCF on May 18 2015 and promptly fell off the box twice onto my rear the first morning!

NRCF has completely changed me to a much more confident person. I don’t look at anything in the same way as before. I have also learned that the “this sucks” only lasts so long in any part of my life!

It’s taken years but I can jump back onto that box depending on the workout. Also, a story I tell often is that NRCF taught me how to jump rope & someday I’ll be doing doubles. I appreciate how kind everyone is at any workout & how I’ve been able to modify just about everything to get the most movement I can.

Because of NRCF & weirdly COVID I took up running with the Couch to 5K App. I’ve run lots of shorter distances but this year I completed my 2nd 1/2 Marathon. I’d like to try a Marathon to celebrate my 65th Birthday-so that’s my goal.

So a fun fact about me - I wore a patch over my eye my entire kindergarten & 1st grade year and consequently my favorite vowel is “aarrrr”! 😂😂"

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