Fit Over 50 Bright Spot: K&K

North Rim CrossFit
November 15, 2023

FIT OVER 50 Member Spotlight 💪🏼

Kaylinn and Karen (also known as K&K) have been such an inspiration to us since the day they started personal training just about a year ago.

It all started when Kaylinn realized she was going to need to get stronger if she was going to continue watching her one year old grandson. He was about to be on the move and she wanted to keep up with him.

Kaylinn admits that she needs a friend, an accountability buddy, when it comes to exercising. It keeps her committed and motivated to show up, as many of us can relate!

Which is where Karen comes in. Kaylinn asked her buddy Karen to join her two days a week for personal training with Coach Cherish. Karen herself had goals to get in better shape for an upcoming trip to Europe with her husband. So she of course was in!

The two had nothing but amazing things to say about their progress over the past year. They both lost weight, gained strength and have experienced huge improvements in their daily life. They have made new goals to up their workout to 3x a week to see what else they can accomplish!

Idk about you guys, but we want to be K&K when we grow up 😍

If you or someone you know could benefit from our Fit Over Fifty PT program, use the link in our bio to book a No Sweat Intro!

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