How To Know When To Take a Day Off

North Rim CrossFit
August 1, 2023

“The hardest part about being an athlete is taking a day off” - Laird Hamilton

One of the most common reasons an athlete is successful is understanding that they can’t ONLY show up to the gym when they feel motivated. Motivation comes and goes, but consistency is what helps us reach our goals. However on the other hand, how do you know the difference between feeling unmotivated and being overtrained? Because the latter is one we need to pay attention to in order to protect our longevity in our sport/exercise.

Our best bet is to have the ability to differentiate between lack of motivation and overtraining. We’ve learned over the years some of the warning signs to be cautious of, and to listen to them immediately on a smaller scale so that you won't have to listen to it on a larger scale if ignored! Wouldn’t you rather take a day or two off compared to weeks at a time?

Here are some indicators to be on the lookout for:

In addition, being proactive and implementing some good habits will play a role in avoiding overtraining. Try some of these out:

1) Have consistently scheduled rest days every week

2) Make sure your nutrition matches your activity level (ask your coach for help if you're not sure!)

3) Go to bed and wake up at the same time (+-1 hour) each day for better sleep hygiene

4) Schedule in frequent recovery like massage/body work, meditation, and/or stretching

As always be in communication with your coach if you're ever experiencing any of the warning signs above. We are here to guide you on the path to success!

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