How To Approach The Open

North Rim CrossFit
February 13, 2024

The Open is coming! 13 days to be exact ;) 

Instead of running around like a chicken with your head cut off, we're here to help you come up with a game plan to better help you excel during this three week span. Especially if you plan on re-doing the workouts in hopes to better your score! Follow our guidelines below to make sure you are adequately recovered and ready for each week:


- CrossFit will release the workouts on Thursdays with a live announcement. We highly encourage you to watch the announcement (, because its fun to watch AND because you'll be able to see what the workout looks like and where the athletes run into trouble.

- Plan AHEAD. Be sure to take note of the workout details, setup and rules. Think about what you could realistically do, not what you HOPE to do. If you'd like a pacing strategy ask your coaches!

- Ryan will be writing modified “workouts” if you would like to workout on Thursday. Something to get you moving, but nothing that will wreck you. We encourage you to come in and follow his suggested workout or Rest completely if you plan on joining us for Friday Night Lights.


- First (or only) attempt at Friday Night Lights. Most should plan to only do the workout once. But if you know you'd like to re-do from the get go, leave some in the tank on your first attempt. Tell yourself you are “learning” the workout. Then on attempt two you have a strategy that you know you can beat.


- Regular training


- Rest (Also pay attention to any areas you feel sore or may need to mobilize!)


- Redo (only if you want).

- Submit your score!

Repeat the process each week. We are so excited for you guys to experience the Open and that we get to be apart of it! Let's get it!

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